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We are delighted to start 2019 with an amazing report from Leigh Timmis on our Ops Support for his amazing World Record smashing of the Fastest Cycle Across Europe!

"On the 26th of September 2018, Leigh Timmis broke the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Cycle Across Europe. The 4000-mile challenge crossed ten countries from the coast of Portugal to the edge of Siberia, Russia. This successful attempt was completed in a time of 16 days 10 hours and 45 minutes, beating the previous record by an astonishing 8 days and 7 hours. Epic Performance were integral to this achievement.

Epic performance joined a team of experts from scientific and technologic backgrounds, to translate a lab-developed strategy and lead a team that could deliver results on the road. EP brought a depth of experience to the preparation phase that ensured foreseeable risks were mitigated and any marginal gains were implemented. Communication was essential in transitioning from the controlled environment of the lab to the variables of the road. To realise this, EP ensured all data was transferred efficiently and comprehensively, giving the science team real time information from the road, to deliver the ideal strategy.

As Operations Manager, Anthony (Jem) Jemmett provided excellent navigational, mechanical and logistical skills. His application of strategies and reaction to crisis situations with precision and calm delivered a world class performance on the road. Most importantly, he ensured that each team member achieved their best while prioritising tasks to realise their greatest combined performance.

The strong rapport that Jem quickly built with Leigh enabled a firm understanding of the needs of the athlete under pressure. His quick observations of Leigh’s behaviours and reactions enabled time critical interventions to be used, ensuring that the team hit strategic targets and delivered the project ahead of schedule.

Leigh said “It takes 100% trust to hand over your project for somebody else to lead on the road. I had no hesitation placing my trust in Epic Performance, who displayed not only the ability but also the mindset and personality to manage this demanding project and to bring out the best of me and the team.”

Epic Performance deliver technological and logistical skill, with a personable approach, applied with military precision. Our record-breaking team continue working with EP to learn from the experience and develop strategies for future projects.

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