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REVIEW : Ride to Recovery

Epic Performance and Jem Jemmett have recently accompanied a team of 10 riders of which I was a member to ride East to West coast of the United States of America!

In the build up to the ride and from start to finish Jem's advice, guidance and knowledge was second to none! He provided advice in the build up regards how our bikes should be before we started, as well as what spares he recommended we take just incase. We were riding 24/7 for 14 days so we may have struggled to get any spares on the route!

Jem's primary role during the ride was as our mechanic for the duration! He brought so much more to the party than that! From route guidance, to supplements and nutritional advice, to support vehicle driver and acting as wind brake in the Arizona dessert when the head wind got really tough! When it came to his role as the mechanic his knowledge, speed and thoroughness (boarding on OCD) was nothing short of excellent!

Without his help, I 100% believe we would have struggled to complete the ride! We as the team could not thank Jem enough for his hard work over this Epic challenge we took on! I have spoken with Jem about using Epic Performance to book an overseas cycling trip in the new year. Before we even start to plan this I know I will be in great hands and will have a great time with Epic Performance! Lastly thank you again for getting us across America on what turned out to be an EPIC adventure run by Jem Jemmett and Epic Performance!


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