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REVIEW : Epic 3,000 mile cycle across America


On September 5th 2015 I was fortunate enough to meet Jem in Maryland USA for what was the start of an epic 3,000 mile cycle across America. Right from the first handshake and introductions I could sense we were all in great hands. Jem quite literally delivered an EPIC PERFORMANCE!

Pre start logistics for a 10 man team weren't just on point, they were laser focussed and dialed in 100% to say the least! 1 man (Jem)... 10 riders ranging from the complete novice (that's me) to the Infantry Cycle Team professionals (Colin Lewis to name but one of them) and also an amputee on a hand bike (Jay Baldwin) and it was a great success! Jem and his professional approach delivered an award winning result! Jem worked tirelessly for approximately 18hrs per day for over 2 weeks ensuring all map data and routes were correct, cyclists were hydrated, fed, rested and of sound body and mind at all times to operate as a cohesive unit. Jem operated out of a pickup truck with the bare essentials for bike maintenance and covered the full gambit of duties 24/7 from safety vehicle at the rear of the team to forward launching anti dog attack vehicle to full bike maintenance of 10 different bikes, including a custom hand bike and also when time permitted a co cyclist to coach some of us on posture, low effort techniques providing enduring power performance, team drafting techniques and low equipment wear techniques (cross chaining) to name but a few.

Jem's "can do, professional, no surrender" (rule 5) attitude combined with his years of experience meant that many problems for the 2 five man teams cycling 24/7 were foreseen early, but those that did arise were quickly and professionally taken care of. A key ingredient throughout was the leadership and morale that comes naturally from Jem, it made this journey truly EPIC!!

Thank you Jem for an awesome adventure! You and your company deserve 10 stars as a rating! Well done on taking on board a globally recognized "Harder than the Tour De France" Ultra Endurance challenge and bringing it home as a complete success!!

I look forward to the next adventure and am very thankful to call you a friend. Thanks Jem and Team Epic P!!

John "Cross Chain Specialist" Moore


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