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REVIEW : 2 Day Training Package - Cyprus

EpicPerformance provided a 2 day training package for 2 PWRR Road cyclists, currently based in Cyprus.

The Training package consisted of the following subjects:

Bike maintenance and pre cycling checks (m- check) Bike Handling over various terrain types Communications and Road etiquette Nutrition

The course was extremely well delivered by Jem Jemmett and pitched at the right level, based on the various experience levels of the group. They went out on 4 rides which were progressive and enjoyable, with feedback provided to each individual during and after each ride.

Every member of the group thoroughly enjoyed themselves and took away a lot of valuable information. The course was well priced and the Unit got very good value for money. I would highly recommend this course to any budding team or group.

Thank you to Jem at Epic Performance

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